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What are the general magnets and strong magnets? What's the difference?

Regarding the general magnets and strong magnets of magnets, many people don’t understand very well. What is the general magnet? What is strong magnet? What are the main differences between them? The strong magnet supplier Courage Xiaofu will make some comparison to explain the difference from the text introduction and the picture.
First introduce the general magnet and the powerful magnet with text.
ferrite magnet
The general magnet is the general ferrite magnet, which is the magnet we usually called magnetite, it does not need to be surface treated, and the appearance is black. The black ring magnet that we removed it from a broken speaker when we were young was a magnetite.
Strong magnet, strong magnet generally refers to rare earth permanent magnets, neodymium iron boron strong magnet, the surface is usually with zinc and nickel plating. Of course, there are many coatings, nickel plating appearance is similar to the color of one Yuan coin we use now.
Strong magnet
Still don’t understand, it doesn't matter, it’s more obvious to compare the pictures.
The biggest differences between the two are the appearance, high temperature resistance and price. If there is not much demand for magnetic force, only requests low cost, then you can choose the general magnet.  For example, some packaging, handbags, leather goods, etc, most of them are general magnet. If there are some demands for magnetic force, then strong magnet is first choice.
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