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No drawings, no samples. Can I customize the magnet I want?

Many customers find our courage strong magnet manufacturer by searching keywords online, and consult with us about the magnet quotation and customization. Some of them have no drawings or samples.
Can we customize magnets to meet customer requirements without drawings or samples?
Magnet drawings
This scoring situation, if it is an ordinary circular disc square ring magnet, as long as the customer can clearly explain the required magnet material, performance, size tolerance, appearance coating, magnetizing mode/direction, and magnet working environment (temperature resistance), we can proofing customized according to your requirements, without magnet drawings and samples. No problem. Conversely, if many parameters are not clear, we can not give you quotations, customized.
Special-shaped magnets, whether ferrite or Nd-Fe-B, must need drawings or samples, because there are some places that are inevitably unclear and easy to cause misunderstanding in communication.
There are also magnets for motors, such as injection-moulded ferrite magnets, ferrite tile magnets, Nd-Fe-B tile magnets, and radial multipole magnetic rings, etc. These magnets are best provided with drawings or samples, because the requirements of magnets on motors are often relatively high, and the surface looks very general in fact, so it is very necessary to note some of the main magnets. To parameters, there are clear drawings, but also to avoid no drawings caused by the magnetic steel does not meet customer requirements.
Another is the check price. Many purchasers are concerned about it. They need a quotation urgently, but many magnet parameters are not clear. If we don't know the specific situation of our customers, we will not quote easily. Please forgive me.
In short, motor magnets, special-shaped magnets are best provided with drawings, or regular 2D drawings, or hand-drawn.


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