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What is the orientation of Nd-Fe-B magnets?

The orientation of the magnet, some friends may not know, anisotropic magnets can obtain the best magnetic direction known as the orientation of the magnet direction, that is simply a magnetizing magnet direction. A square ndfeb magnet, for example, has the strongest magnetic field only in the direction it is oriented, and the other two directions have a much smaller magnetic field. When you put several magnets together, oriented magnets will only be drawn in one direction, not together at will. The orientation of the work, is in the press when the blank. This reason also limits the size of the blank, especially the magnetizing direction (generally working direction, that is, the direction of the NS pole) of the height.
At present, the reasonable height size of magnetizing direction is generally no more than 35mm. High performance, generally no more than 30mm. So what if you need a magnet with a very large magnetizing direction? You can put several magnets on top of each other, and the effect is similar to a series of magnets inside an electric field. Of course, this approach makes little sense in practice and is rarely used.
Nd-Fe-B magnet circular, square orientation picture
Magnetization of Magnets
Above is the introduction of the orientation of ndfeb, sintered ndfeb permanent magnet is anisotropic magnet, so you need to confirm the direction of the magnet orientation (magnetizing direction) before contacting the magnet manufacturer for proofing or batch production, which is very important.

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