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How long is the production cycle of bonded NdFeB magnets?

Courage Magnets Co., Ltd., the main motor magnets, mainly bonded Nd-Fe-B, injection-moulded ferrite, radial multipole ferrite magnetic rings, welcome to open the mould, do magnetizing fixture customers to inquire.
Many questions about bonding Nd-Fe-B are: How long does the production cycle of bonding Nd-Fe-B take? How soon can I get the samples out?
The production cycle of bonded NdFeB is much faster than that of sintered NdFeB, because the production of bonded NdFeB magnet needs to open the mould, so that the sample can be produced and the bulk goods can be made by the mould. Usually there is a mold in the case of about 7-15 days, No mold takes more than 25 days.

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