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How does the Gauss value of magnet increase?

The Gauss value of the magnet we are using currently is low. Is there any way to increase the Gauss value? This situation has been encountered by many customers. Today is the first working day in 2019, I’ll share it with you.
To increase the  Gauss value of magnet, we need to know which factors will affect it?
Neodymium magnet
First, the material
If you are using a weaker magnet material, you can change it. For example,  if the ferrite used before, the magnetic or Gauss value does not meet your requirements, you can change to NdFeB material, but the price of the magnet will increase accordingly when the magnetic force is increased.
Second, performance
A friend who knows about magnets will know that magnets have multiple grades, For magnets of the same specification, if the performance and grade are higher, the Gauss value will be higher accordingly.
Third, the thickness
In the case where the thickness of the magnet can be increased, increasing the thickness of the magnet, the Gauss value will be increased also.
So, if you want to increase the Gauss value of the magnet, please consider the above three points.
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