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What is the maximum operating temperature of ferrite and neodymium iron boron?

In the process of choosing magnets, the most frequently chosen ones are ferrite and NdFeB. Some of them focus more on magnetic force, others focus more on cheapness and temperature resistance. Next, Xiaofu, a magnet manufacturer, will introduce to you the maximum working temperature of ferrite and NdFeB.
Let's start with Nd-Fe-B. The maximum temperature of the magnet depends on the magnetic properties of the magnet itself and the selection of the working point. The working point of the magnet can be expressed by the permeability coefficient of the magnet. For the same magnet, the higher the permeability coefficient of the magnetic circuit is (that is, the closer the magnetic circuit is), the higher the maximum temperature of the magnet is, and the more stable the performance of the magnet is. Therefore, the maximum temperature of the magnet is not a definite value, but varies with the closure of the magnetic circuit. The maximum operating temperature of sintered NdFeB at a given working point is as follows:
The upper limit of Nd-Fe-B conventional heat-resistant working temperature is 80 C and Curie temperature is 310 C.
Nd-Fe-B Conventional Heat-Resistant Working Temperature
The upper limit of Nd-Fe-B heat-resistant working temperature is 200 C and Curie temperature is 340-400 C.
High temperature resistant Nd-Fe-B heat resistant working temperature
The upper limit of heat-resistant working temperature of ferrite is 250 C and Curie temperature is 450-460 C.
The maximum working temperature of magnet is not only affected by Curie temperature, but also related to intrinsic coercivity and working state.

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