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Does ferrite conduct electricity? Which material of ferrite can conduct electricity?

Many friends wonder about the conductivity of ferrite. Today's Edition compiles a detailed summary and share, with corresponding pictures of ferrite materials.
We all know that ferrite can be divided into soft magnetic and hard magnetic. The kind of ferrite we see on loudspeaker speaker belongs to hard magnetic (sintered ferrite magnet) and does not belong to magnetic conductive material. The ferrite of this material is not conductive, so it can not be processed by wire cutting. The picture of the magnet is as follows.

Of course, not all ferrites do not conduct electricity. Soft magnetism as described below can conduct electricity, but some have good magnetic conductivity and some have weak magnetic conductivity.
Which ferrite material can conduct electricity?
Soft magnetic ferrite is a kind of magnetic conductive material. It has high permeability and resistivity. It is usually used in high frequency. It is mainly used in electronic communication, computers and TV sets that we touch every day. 
Soft magnetic ferrites mainly consist of manganese zinc and nickel zinc. The permeability of manganese zinc ferrite is higher than that of nickel zinc ferrite.
Ordering magnet, choosing Carragher magnet factory, the above is about the conductivity of ferrite related issues, I hope this article will help you in the use and purchase.

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