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How to calculate the weight of the magnet?

See a lot of friends on the Internet looking for how to calculate the weight of magnets, magnet weight calculation formula, Today, Courage Magnets Xiaofu shares with you.
The Method of Calculating the Weight of Block Magnet,Magnets of different materials have different densities, such as ferrite magnets with a density of 4.9.
For example: NdFeB F20*10*3, where the density is calculated as 7.5
The formula is: 20*10*3*7.5/1000=4.5g, 
The formula for calculating the weight of disc Nd-Fe-B magnet is as follows: (density is calculated by 7.5)
For example, the specification is 20.5*8.9
The formula is: area * thickness * density/1000 = weight (g), that is

Formula for calculating the weight of ring magnet
π*(a+b)(a-b)*c(thickness)*p(density)/4000 [where A and B represent length and width respectively]
As for the calculation formula of the magnetic tile, Xiaofu can't do it yet.
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