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Does ferrite magnet withstand low temperature?

Do not know? Ferrite low temperature is also demagnetization (demagnetization), oh, many people only know that permanent magnet ferrite has good high temperature resistance, but it does not know that his low temperature environment is not as good as Nd-Fe-B, let's take a look below!
ferrite tile

First of all, the highest temperature resistance of ferrite and then low temperature resistance, the difference between the two is really not small, the difference is hundreds of degree.
The upper limit of heat resistant (high temperature) working temperature of ferrite is 300 C, but it can not withstand such a high low temperature environment. Through authoritative test results, the demagnetization of ferrite magnet begins when it reaches about 40 degrees of low temperature environment.
Therefore, some outdoor articles need magnets, especially in the cold weather in the north, mostly use Nd-Fe-B strong magnets.
Therefore, Xiaofu specifically reminds us that the use of ferrite should also take into account the low temperature resistance factor oh!


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