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What products must use rare earths?

We have heard more or less about rare earths, especially the recent Sino-US trade war. It belongs to a kind of non-renewable strategic resources, which are very valuable and need to be used in many aspects, such as military, metallurgy, petrochemical, glass and ceramics, new materials, agriculture and so on. So many netizens in this trade war always mentioned that rare earth should be banned from exporting to the United States.
So which products must use rare earth?
Rare earth products must be used
Mainly: mobile phones, energy-saving light bulbs, digital camera lens, television, audio. Screen, Oil Refining, Electric Vehicle. Maglev train, navigation radar, processor chip, space shuttle high-performance fighter, high-end electronics, missiles, electronics, nuclear energy industry, superconductors and so on.
China is the largest rare earth reserve country, accounting for 23% of the world. Who is the second? U.S.A. What about? Didn't you expect that?
Above is about the need to use rare earth related products, edited by Permanent Magnet Manufacturer Courage Xiaofu.

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