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What's the name of the magnet behind the door?

What's the name of the magnet behind the door?
Some netizens asked, what is the name of the iron suction stone behind the door? What is its main function? How much is the price? Today, Dongguan magnet manufacturer Courage Xiaofu came to share with you.
I. Pictures of Suction Iron Behind the Door
Door sucking pictures
2. What is the name of the suction stone behind the door?
There are many names for this, such as door suction, ground suction, wall suction, anti-collision door block and so on.
3. What is the main function of the absorbent behind the door?
Adsorption, when the door is open, the door is sucked, so as not to sway with the wind, effectively avoiding the door collision.
4. What material is the iron-absorbing stone behind the door?
A List of Door Suction Accessories
Most of them are Nd-Fe-B high-strength magnets with strong magnetic force.
5. What shape is the suction stone behind the door?
Generally, there are many circles and squares. This design, including special magnet manufacturer, can be done.
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