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How big is the surface magnetism of the N52 super magnet?

How big is the surface magnetism of n52 super-strong magnet? Today, Dongguan magnet manufacturer Courage Xiaofu sorted out, gathering N52 strong magnet square, circular surface magnetic field strength of some specifications. For reference only!
n52 super-strong magnet
I. N52 square magnet meter magnetism
N52/ni/F10*10*10, table magnetism 5620gs
N52/ni/75*4.5*3.2 Table magnetism 3300gs
N52/NiCuNi/D71.4*25.4 Table Magnetism 3600gs
N52/F15*15*5 Table Magnetism 3440gs
2. N52 strong magnet wafer surface magnetism
N52/D30*30, Table Magnetism Size: 5530gs
N52/D20*5, table magnetic size: 2999gs
How much Gauss can N52 reach?
According to the requirements of different manufacturers and customers, the standards are slightly different. The remanence of N52 is generally 14.2-14.7 KGs.

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